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This blog is intended to be a collection of comments, articles and ideas about the state of radio broadcasting in New Zealand. The initial idea for it came from reading this post.

As I read that post it struck me that there is no regular commentary about NZ radio going on. The issues raised on the linked post are really interesting. What are the roles and responsibilities of talkback hosts to both their audience and callers? How does talkback contribute to the idea of the public sphere? How should we respond to the public airing of such ideas? I haven’t heard the show being discussed and so don’t want to comment on it or form a lynch mob to pursue the hosts but I think that this would be an interesting one for the BSA to discuss. That that would depend on someone making a complaint.

The main thing I want to do with this blog is discuss all aspects of radio in New Zealand as this important sector of the media is being ignored by the MSM.


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